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So you are off on holiday you want to make the best use of your time at your destination and capture some amazing photos of your trip away to show to family, your friends and have as memories of your holiday.

One travel photography idea would be to think about your destination before you go, research and get an idea of what you might be photographing.

Being organised can help you stay focused and make the most out of your holiday in terms of the sights you would like to see whilst you are away.


1.  Boarding Passes and Passports

Nothing says holiday than getting to the airport, passport and boarding pass in hand ready to go.

I love this travel photography idea, and whenever I have travelled I have always taken a photo of the passport and the boarding pass as a helpful memory of when the trip occurred and also just because it is exciting!



2.  Take Off Views

Yes crazy I know but you can get some really striking photos taking off from the window on your next holiday.

I also take photos en route to the destination. I captured some amazing photos of Greenland when I was travelling from London to Los Angeles, you could actually see huge ice bergs in the water amazing!!!


3.  Beautiful Architecture


Travel photography ideas st pauls cathedral london



I LOVE architecture, the history, the story behind it all. I was very lucky to spend 12 years living in London, St Paul’s was 5 minutes walk from my work.

A “magnificent building” full of history and beautiful to photograph and unlike anything I was used to growing up in New Zealand. Most days I just wandered by in awe of what I was seeing in London.  During my time in Europe I have been lucky enough to photograph many amazing buildings from the Eiffle Tower, Arc De Triomphe, La Sagrada Familia, Churches, Castles and Palaces.

Snap away try taking photos looking up particularly if it is a tall building as well as further away to capture the full picture of the building.


4.  City Skylines

For as long as I could remember I have always wanted to visit New York City, and you know what I actually did it!!!   I went to New York and I loved every minute of it!!!

The vibrancy the architecture it was different to what I was used to and I loved the deli’s and the different types of food. I remember taking the ferry out to Staten Island and taking photos of the views of the “Manhattan Skyline” it was pure magic, I took so many photos as it was really quite breathtaking to see if from far off in the distance.

Lower Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry






Don’t be afraid to take skyline photos, I even took ones in the street looking up at all the tall buildings from the street level.  One of my travel photography ideas would be to “get creative” with your shots look at how you can do it differently take the time to think outside the box you never know you maybe onto a


5.  Famous Landmarks

It goes without saying the world is full of beautiful places to photograph. I love to travel to different places to experience different landmarks and architecture that I don’t see or have in my native country.

Travel photography ideas big ben londonBut whenever I travel I make sure that I scout out the “famous landmarks” at each destination so I can photograph and absorb the atmosphere of wherever I maybe travelling.

When I was in Egypt I went out twice to visit the pyramids to take as many photos as I could at different angels with different people in them it was just an amazing sight and I wasn’t sure when or if I would be back so I made the most of the opportunity at the time to snap away!



6.  Local Life

I love nothing better than getting emersed into the local culture and wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere. I was recently in Fiji with the family when we took a boat ride out to a local island where it was down to the basics with the locals.

We met the locals and got to see a bit of what their life was all about. I took some gorgeous shots of my friend’s little girl having cuddles with a local Fijian girl just a little older than her daughter. I managed to capture the fun, the laughter and the warmth of these two little girls just having fun.

Wandering around I took photos of daily life and people, they were so hospitable and loved having their photos taken. I would advise though if you are taking photos of people to first ask permission as some people might be offended or may not enjoy having their photos taken so always please ask first.


7.  Striking Pops of Colour

Travel photography ideas pop of colour londonWhat do I mean by striking pops of colour? Well you have probably all seen the black and white photos with one item in colour.

For example a black and white photo of a street in London but the red London bus is red whilst the background is black and white.

See if you take a photo like this, it could be a red car photographed with the background as white snow.

You are “making the photo look interesting” by having the pop of colour in any otherwise white background. This can add variety to your photos and it is something just a bit different.





8.  Stunning Sunsets

Sometimes the sunsets are just magical that you get particularly I find if you are by the water you can capture some magical shots if the timing is just right.

I’ll explain in the next idea below of when it is a good time to take sunset photos. One travel photography idea is to take as many photos as you can, the sun goes down so fast and the light changes so quickly that one or two shots may not capture it correctly, you can always delete what you don’t like later.

They say that the “best sunsets” are in Africa and in my opinion nothing beats an African sunset they are one of the most amazing sunsets you will ever photograph the vibrancy and colour is just amazing.


9.  The Golden Hour

Travel photography ideas sunset beach photos


So what is the Golden Hour? Well the Golden Hour is when the best natural light is to take a photograph. This is usually best described as being an hour after sunrise and hour before sunset is the best natural light. Remember this for when you are taking your stunning sunset photos above.






10.  Typical Streets

Travel photograpy ideas paris coffee shopI did take photos of local streets in Europe, oh how I love Europe the colour the vibrancy of some of the streets.

I particularly love Greece, Portugal, Egypt and Paris for their streets. The colour of the different buildings in Portugal, Greece and Spain are so vibrant.

Greece you have the white on bright blue predominately everywhere particularly in the islands.

I love wandering and getting lost in these streets. I remember on one of my travels to Paris, just sitting in a street cafe and watching the world go by whilst having my latte and shooting some photos ……


Enjoy enjoy enjoy ….

Well, I hope the Travel Photography ideas I have given you above has given you some inspiration for your next trip abroad. Remember travel photography should be fun, enjoy, relax and most of all you need to practice taking photos.

Even if you are not travelling just take some photos locally to practice your craft. You won’t get any better if you don’t practice!!!  I bet you have a good idea where the photo below was taken ….  would love to know where you think this might be?

Travel photography ideas greece streets

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