Like any trip overseas, we can sometimes get carried away with what we are packing, and that is the same for taking photographs while travelling and taking your photography equipment abroad. Sometimes less is more and you need to have a strategic way of ensuring that you pack well and you have all the gear that you need. This comes with experience and you will soon get it down to a fine art. See below for my recommendations to make your life hopefully a little easier from my tried and tested methods.


Don’t Miss these Travel Essentials, Pack only what you need …


Whenever I am about to got travelling I have LISTS LISTS and more LISTS it helps me feel a bit more in control of the situation especially when I am usually packing for myself, two kids and photography equipment in tow. When it comes to packing you should pack your travel photography essentials and only pack what you NEED. It doesn’t matter if you forget something we all do it and usually it can be brought at the airport or when you arrive at your destination.

However, there are a few key travel photography essentials that you can’t miss:

  • Your camera – I love my camera which is a Canon EOS 550D. It takes clear beautiful shots no matter what the condition of the weather – in fact just personally I love Canon DSLR cameras!
  • Batteries – I always have two batteries one in the camera and one fully charged in the camera case ready to go in case I run out of charge. Murphy’s law it always happens when you least expect it!
  • Battery Charger – my charger is always with me in my bag
  • Lenses – It is always handy to have a short distance / close up lens or walkabout lens normally on your camera. But I also have an extra lens in my case 300mm lens for those close up shots from far way.
  • Cleaning Cloth – Always in my bag to wipe away dirt, dust and grime and yes even sticky little finger prints from my youngest child. Nothing worse than having the perfect shot and it comes out all smeared because of dirt and grime and sticky fingers.
  • Mini Tripod – Always a winner and you can find some great ones out there that are sturdy, functional and great for taking photos with.


Travel to Places you’d love to Photograph!

travel-photography-essentials-lone-photographer-taking-sunrise-photosSince my background is travel and tourism, I love visiting new places and being able to capture those memories and have them to remember for a lifetime. I get quite excited when I am off on a travel adventure and it’s true if you have a passion and you love what you do.

If you are travelling to places you love you will be more likely to go off the beaten track to find new places or different places to photography.



Pack Better .. Look after that precious equipment

Look I know it goes without saying but it is really important to look after your gear. And that means too ensuring that you carry your camera on board with you on a plane or at the very least it goes in your carry on case. Hand on heart after years of working in the aviation industry people dealing with your luggage it is just another bag, they don’t know you have precious equipment in there ….. carry it on board.

Also, invest in a really good camera bag one that is well padded to look after that camera it will be the best investment you will every make ….


Insure your Equipment and see what is Covered

I cannot STRESS this enough this is so important you equipment is expensive and costly to replace make sure before you travel that you are adequately covered. Also, make note of all your serial numbers for your gear and take a copy and save a copy in the Cloud for easy retrieval should you need it. Also, check with your local Customs authority about taking expensive camera gear out of the country as sometimes there are issues coming back in as they think you have brought it overseas and will tax you on it. So check that out before you go too …


Research Your Location

This is really important if you want to get the BEST out of your travel experience. I ALWAYS do research before Itravel photography essentials researc go, obviously want to go to the places that are most common but I also like to get off the beaten track and see something different.

When I was in Prague years ago, everyone goes to Prague does the same thing but very few people go outside the Capital to somewhere different. Well I did … and not only was it DIFFERENT, the people were lovely, the prices were cheaper and I got to see and photograph something amazing that I will never experience again magic …..

As a travel photographer you are telling a story, they say a picture can tell a thousand words … and this is so true if you capture the essence and story behind the photograph.

You can also get a lot of your information online about where to find places to photograph certain cities and destinations.


Need Inspiration?? …. Try Pinterest ….

Pinterest is that wonderful if ever so addictive website / application that can give you some truly wonderful ideas about ideas and places to photograph by just typing in some keywords. Take a look, experiment and see what you come up with. Or if you are old school then the Lonely Planet guides or other travel books are great for guidance and inspiration


Always Carry Your Camera With You


I sometimes know it can feel like a drag having to lug your camera around with you, but the photos you can get with a good quality camera can make it all seem worth it. Again, it will be when you don’t have your camera that you could miss an excellent photo opportunity, and I don’t know about you but I would certainly be kicking myself if that happened.

Photography is a wonderful hobby to get into, it is great for being CREATIVE and thinking outside of the box with your photography. I took two of my passions photography and travel and voila merged the two together and I love it. Some people have a natural gift and some of us need to work at it a bit more but then that is half the fun. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line and I can send you a message back.








  1. Great suggestions! I love Canon DSLRs too, but I’m always too nervous to take it on flights with me. If I’m road-tripping, my camera goes in the front with me. Otherwise, I leave it home and take a cheaper camera with me.

    • You will be fine to take your DSLR on flights Marsha, just make sure you have a really well padded camera bag. Glad you like the article and I hoped it has given you some good information. Paula

  2. Wow, you really got me interested in getting the right kind of equipment and capturing all the beauty around me. There’s something special about photography – it makes you stop for a second and notice all the beauty that surrounds you. Great article!

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