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When I was very young I dreamed of travelling the world visiting exotic and far away places, all those places I used to read about in my fiction books growing up. Places like Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles so far removed from little ole New Zealand, I could only ever dream about it.  However, determined I was and 6 years later I boarded a flight to London to do my Overseas Experience, one I might add lasted 12 years, and I did travel to Paris, New York and Los Angeles ….

The idea of travel photography or even a travel photography career never dawned on me, but I combined my two loves of travel and photography and my passion for both has allowed me to take some awesome photos from around the globe.


Travel Photography 101

Travel photography careers learning photoHow can I make money from Travel Photography?  Well there are a few little gems and it goes without saying that images can include photography for airlines, tourist attractions, outdoor scenery, adventure sports and hotels. These images can be used for brochures, websites or advertising. In my native New Zealand the outdoors, extreme sports and unique landscape here have been captured and presented worldwide in one such case as the promotion and release of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which showcased New Zealand’s natural yet stunning beauty to the world.


Sell your Prints from Photos

Many years ago when I travelled to New York I was wandering around Central Park which I loved for it vibrancy I Travel photography careers new york skylinewas totally in awe. However, I stumbled across this guy selling his prints 5 images of different parts of New York City place into a frame with a vertical style. The photos were stunning one of Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Bridge in Central Park, Times Square and last but not least a photo of the New York Skyline with two bright streams of light into the sky marking where the Twin Towers would have been situated in the New York Skyline.

I love these photos and the frame with the pictures are still in my house today on the wall as a cherished memory of my time in New York.

If you are local like this guy was in New York you can CAPITALISE on the photos you take and sell them onto tourists like myself or you could approach local Councils or Tourism boards to see if they would be interested in purchasing your photos for brochures or for tourism purposes.

In the world of online at the moment you can even create your own website or subscribe to web pages to showcase your photographs and sell your images online.


Have you thought about Stock Photos and Licencing??

Not something you would first think about doing when you first think about a travel photography career, however it could be a lucrative little business if you are good and the images you take are of good quality and maybe slightly unusual.

Destination photos do sell people use stock images of places for all sorts of things, writing blogs, advertising or promoting a country for tourism purposes. There are lots of really good quality websites that promote stock photos and they have a good audience base to draw from.


Travel Blogging and Websites

travel photography careers web bloggingIf you want to enhance your travel photography career then tandem it with writing content on the web. You could start up your own travel blog and add in your photos from your travels to compliment your article.

Start your own website and link your travel blogging content to your website, while you are at it how about setting up a way that you can showcase your photos and offer them as prints for purchase from your own website. Not only are you taking amazing photos but you are sharing them on the web and it is a way for you to generate extra income by selling them online in this way.

Use Social Media show off your work on Instagram and Facebook, but do ensure you have a good, easy to use website too. List any awards/competitions you have won, and your CONTACT DETAILS.

You never know what kind of exposure you may get displaying your photos in this way, you may get called up to send images for a big advertising campaign by a Tourism Board or Airline, the world is your oyster …..


How to get that Job????

Photography Kit – You will need a digital DSLR Camera with two good quality lenses, go with well-known reputable brands.

Upskill – Make sure that you have practiced and practiced getting your photography to a high standard.

Be original – Think outside the box, how can your photo be different even though different people have taken the same photo before you. Maybe a different angle, how can your photo stand out from others?


Do what you love, love what you do …..

Certainly you hear it all the time if you have love something and are passionate about what you do, you will love it, thrive and be excited to get up every day to carry on with the work you love.

In travel photography, if you love it the images you take will reflect that, it will come out in your photos which is great for you and great for any potential revenue. Just remember though with any websites or blogs your create that it can be all too easy to get carried away, add thousands of images, and forget the basics. ‘Keep it simple.’

However …. a pretty picture is not enough!!! It needs to be high quality and it needs to be original. If you can conquer this and think outside the box and you are unique you will create quite a lucrative travel career.

A career in Travel Photography can certainly be rewarding and if you are the creative type then this is one area you can put that creativeness to use. I hope with this post if you are thinking about a travel photography careers then this has helped with some ideas about how to make some money doing what you love …..





  1. This article has certainly opened my mind to more possibilities, Paula.
    I’m not a professional photographer but I am quite a talented ‘amateur’, and I always felt that not being a ‘pro’ with actual qualifications would dis-advantage me. I’ve been thinking of going freelance for some time, and I now have a better understanding that having a portfolio to show people is more beneficial than actual qualifications. The ways you suggest for getting my work in front of an audience online, such as blogging, will doubtless save lots of time and money too whilst reaching a far wider audience of potential customers.
    Many thanks
    Rich 🙂

  2. Richard, that’s great you should follow your dream and go for it!!! Let me know how you get on there are a lot of amazing ways to get your work in front of an audience. Paula

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