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Travelling whether it is for business or leisure always requires a bit of forward planning …. what do I need to take with me do I have everything I need … I know I need to juggle this as well as trying to organise a husband and two young energetic boys … However, I’m not going to list the obvious travel photography accessories such as charger, spare battery and SD memory cards, although these are important I think that you will find these listed on most web pages.

I wanted to drill down with some other accessories that maybe are not thought of and are still worth having in your bag …..


A Top Notch Photography Bag …..

This one is an important one, there is no point spending a huge amount of money on a really good camera if you don’t have the bag to protect it in all conditions. When I first brought my camera which is a Cannon EOS 550D. I brought a Canon EOS bag to house all my travel photography accessories as well as the camera and lenses. The bag comes fully padded with adjustable compartments to store your lenses, camera, batteries and cables.Vacation Tips Camera Bag

Although my bag is fairly simple it is compact which allows me to strap it across my body whilst travelling and it allows my hands free to hold my children’s hands and it is also compact enough not to take up too much room in the car, plane or while travelling on trains.

It is also weatherproof to allow those moments where you may get caught in the rain while out photographing the area that you are in.

I personally like bags that have been made by camera manufacturers such as Cannon. I have a Cannon camera bag and it just makes sense as they produce the cameras, they would ensure that their bags would be sturdy and padded enough to protect your camera.

Ensure that when you are shopping around for a camera bag you look for the following:

  • Well padded bag
  • Enough compartments to house at least two lenses and your camera
  • Compartments for your chargers, battery and cables

Lens Cleaner – Microfibre

I ALWAYS have this in my camera bag it has been a god send on many occasions. There are lots out there but the one I use and like is the EOS Digital Micro fibre cleaner. It is small it is compact and it does the job!!!Travel photography accessories cannon camera 2

I have had sand blow up at beaches, while visiting the pyramids in Egypt that have landed on my lenses. Having the lens cloth in my bag has saved me from getting some pretty grainy photos otherwise as it cleaned up my lenses well and I was able to continue photographing. Also sometimes when changing your lenses from a smaller 18-55 lens to a 75-300mm lens dust sometimes creeps into the camera.


Filters – Good Quality Ones

The first thing I did when I brought my new Cannon camera was to buy filters. What are filters? Good question filters are round good quality filter glass that screw onto the end of your camera lens primarily protect your camera lens.

Why get filters? Well the most important reason for getting filters is if they get scratched or damaged you can just buy new ones and replace them relatively easily and the cost is minimal. However, without filters and if you damage your camera lens then it will be a costly exercise to replace the original camera lens.  I like the Tiffen brand of filters, they are cost efficient and good quality.

Filters help also to keep the dust out and any debris away from your original lens. Or in my case it helps to keep sticky toddler fingers from getting to my original lens!!!

I guess I am trying to small child proof my camera as well!

Filters can improve the clarity and sharpness of your photos, you can get polarising or ultraviolet lenses to enhance your photos. Personally I use the filters purely for protection of my original lens.

Reasons to get filter for your camera

  1. Protects your original lens
  2. Protects from dust and particles
  3. Child proofing
  4. Can help optimise the quality of your photos

Tripod – Gorilla Pod

Tripod although good to have some of them can be quite bulky to carry around. That’s why I love the Joby Gorilla Pod Tripod.

It’s easily one of the most useful travel photography accessories I’ve found! It looks like a toy and there are many sizes for different weights of cameras.

The flexible legs with high-grip rubber feet work as a standard tripod, or they can bend and rotate up to 360°. You can also wrap the GorillaPod around things like fences or posts really great for getting some unusual shots you wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to shoot.


My Camera Manual …. Just in case

Travel photography accessories cannon cameraI don’t know about you but I always have my camera’s manual tucked away in my camera case. Lucky for me mine is fairly small and compact so it is not an issue to have it with me in the camera bag.

I have it with me just in case for trouble shooting reasons. Should anything go wrong with my camera I have a reference guide I can go to quickly and easily. Sometimes you may not be in range of internet or WiFi or if you are travelling abroad it can be expensive to hook up to the internet to find out what the problem might be.


Organisation is key ….

Travel photography can be so much fun and having the right travel photography accessories is important. The ideas above I hope have given you some opportunity to think about other accessories you may not have thought about and it can be added into your camera bag for your next adventure.

If you think you have any other travel photography accessories that you like to travel with then please let me know I would be interested in your comments.

As always never stop learning and always practice, practice, practice where you can to get those terrific shots out there ….

Travel photography accessories lets travel

    • Hi Sherise, when you are talking about a compact set up are you talking about a point and shoot small digital camera set up? Or a DSLR type camera and how to pack lightly for this particular camera?

  1. This is awesome info! I just started getting more into photography for my websites about a year ago, and finally bought a decent camera! I am starting to travel more, so this post was exactly what I needed. I will definitely be looking into some filters to protect my camera from sand at the beach, and sticky little kid fingers as well!! haha

    Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks Sarae glad you found the information helpful. Filters are great can’t recommend them enough, good luck with your travel ventures.

  2. My daughter is really into photography and anytime we travel, she always brings to much stuff! I do appreciate the fact that the pictures she takes are absolutely amazing. No matter what your passion, hobby or profession, you need to have the right tools to do the job. I bought her a nice tripod last year and she uses it all the time. Does a camera lens have to be specifically for the brand of camera you own? What I mean by that is if you have a Canon camera, can you use any other brand of lens, or does it have to be specific to Canon?

    • Hi Steve, I think we have all been a bit guilty of taking too much stuff at one point or another!! But as you get more experienced and in my case two young children, I had to find a way to condense things down a bit. Great that your daughter has a passion for photography and it sounds as if she is very talented. Personally I would stick to the same brand eg Canon camera and a Canon lens, I just don’t think you would get the quality or the sharpness by using two different brands. The lens and the camera are designed to work together I think by having the different brands could change the quality of the photos taken. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. I never would have thought of the camera filters purely as lens protection – that’s pretty interesting. I have a couple of filters I never use – I guess I probably should give them a try! I agree on the camera bag and the tri-pod for sure. I have a ton of lens cleaning stuff too. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Definitely get the filters out Heather and use them if you can! I first came upon using filters through a photography shop in London when I was looking at buying my first decent camera. Thanks for the comments let me know how you get on with those filters!

  4. What a great article!

    One thing I’d add, is a good ‘walk-around’ lens that gives you a flexible range. While many “kit” lenses will run around 18-55, having something that goes a bit further than the 55 is a good idea. I’m not suggesting a 200, but I personally think the best travel lens is an 18-135. The 24-105 made my Canon is a decent lens, but for walking around, it’s heavy and it lacks a bit on the closer and further ends of the spectrum.

    • Thanks for the tip Dave I hadn’t really thought about having a longer range lens as a walk around it certainly makes sense. I do have a bigger lens that I bring out when needed, but it is really handy to have a bit more range on a walk around. Thanks for the feedback awesome stuff!!

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