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One of the things I love to do after a holiday is to scroll through my camera and look at all the photos and all the memories we have created as a family. But nothing beats the old-fashioned way of turning pages and just looking at the photos in print. My boys especially love doing that mostly the youngest child he’s always dragging out his baby book and looking at himself as a baby but he does love flipping the pages and seeing the photo for real. This is where creating travel photobooks of all your travels comes in handy.

Digital photography now means no long waits to have your film developed, and you don’t pay for wasted photos. However, it also often means that your precious travel pictures get stuck on SD cards, hard drives and computers. I love making use of photobooks to display all my travel photos, best thing too if you ever lost a photobook it will be easy enough to create another one as it is already on the system.


Why a travel photo book?

Here are a few reasons why I find photo books the best for showcasing our travel adventures and photos:

Portable – I love that I can just pick up my book and take it with me anywhere one book or a bunch of them it doesn’t matter they take up relatively no space and are easy to carry.

Physical – Just pick it up and flip through the pages. No need to turn anything on or wait for it to load, my two young boys love flipping through the photos and having a look, there is something more intimate about having a book to look through rather than on a screen.

Décor – Photo books look great on a coffee table and often make a good talking point when visitors come over.


How to make a travel photo book?

There are many companies that will help you create and print your photo book. I generally use Snapfish, mainly Travel photobookbecause they have a lot of different designs, sizes and best of all they always seem to be having some sort of deal on photobooks.

I usually upload all my photos and create a photobook in Snapfish and then wait for a deal to appear then I submit my photobook in for printing. You could do this with any photobook company upload and have the photobook waiting until they have a special on for you to take advantage of it.

That’s why now with the modern world and digital photography, it is so easy to turn those travel photos and memories into travel photobooks to cherish for years to come. Photo books are the perfect idea if you want a beautiful, long-lasting memento of your adventures. To help you create the perfect travel photo book, here are some tips:


1. Be Descriptive

When starting to create your travel photobooks ensure the cover includes where you travelled. I always try to label my books with the place and the date. This is particularly important if you are travelling to multiple countries all in a row like for instance you are travelling through Europe, it is good to keep a record of where you travelled and make sure that you include it in your travel photobooks.

When creating my photobooks I also like to add important text on the pages underneath the photos so that in years to come I can remember where the picture was taken and what we were doing. Time can go by so fast and sometimes you may forget where it was you visited or what monument or which city that it was taken in. Some are fairly obvious but then there maybe some you may forget.

2. Think about Design

The photo book’s overall design should showcase your travel photos. If you think you may get stuck or you have no inspiration I find a lot of these photobook companies have great themes and colour schemes that are generic enough to be able to encompass any travel photos.

Travel photobook designWhen it comes to the outer part of the photobook I always tend to go for a hard cover photobook. I just think they are more hard wearing and I like with the hard cover books you can see the title on the spine and they sit neatly in a book shelf.

I love the themes in the photobooks I find I can easily pick a type of page with the right colour and font, there are so many to choose from but because I took the time to establish what my theme was going to be and the story I wanted to tell with my photobook I found that when it came to choosing designs for my photobooks I could make a decision relatively easily. There are so many designs that you should find one that encompasses your story.

You will need to think about the size and how many pages you would like in your photobook so that’s key. I find personally for me I like the 30cm by 30 cm photobooks and they typically have 20 – 30 pages. But I love how it is a decent size not too big but not too small and it mean’s that I can showcase quite a lot of photos and not get stung with a high price for my photobook.

I find that if I do get stuck I research Google for ideas or Pinterest can sometimes help guide you in the right direction. The photobook programs are easy to use and before you know it you have a completed photobook without even knowing it. Finding the right photobook company that meets your needs is the key, I have always used Snapfish and I find them really good and efficient. They obviously have been doing photobooks for awhile so they have been improving on their products and what they offer as themes.


3. Select your Best Photos

Travel photobook photo selection

This is tough, I know you have probably taken hundreds of really nice photos on your globetrotting adventures but now is the tough part figuring out which ones to insert into your photo book.

When I start this process I think about the theme of the book and the colours which helps a little to select photos. Obviously I rule out any blurry photos or photos ruined by too much or not enough light. There are not that many pages once you get down to it so being careful and looking at your selection is critical.

When it comes to selecting our photos pick your best photos and edit them first, before uploading them into your photo book creation tool of choice. Once you have done this then upload the best images that you intend to put in your photobook.


4. Spine Labelling

Whenever I am creating a photobook I always make sure that I name the spine of the book with my travels. I typically keep my photobooks either on the coffee table or on a bookshelf. When it comes to sitting down and taking a look at my photos I can then see instantly which book I want, rather than pulling them all out and trying to find the one book that I really want to see. We all know that by Murphy’s law it will most likely be the last one you pull out. Naming the spine of your book is really important make sure you don’t miss this step it will save you a whole lot of time later down the line!!


5. Momentos of the Holiday

Call me old-fashioned but I love to have momentos of my trip so keep plane tickets, tube passes, and attraction passes in a small envelope during your trip. When you return, arrange them on a table, take a photo, and upload it to your book. When I was travelling in Europe I did just that it’s great to look back on, some of the obvious tourist attractions are there but now and then I see one that I can’t remember going to until I see the pass then I have an aha moment ……


6. Be a Storyteller

You can do this as much and you like or as little as you like. You do need to consider the story you are telling with your travel photobooks. I like to do mine from the start of my holiday until the end of my holiday it just makes sense for me to create my book like this. I like my photobooks to be logical and have a flow about them and hopefully it will make sense to someone who might just pick that photobook up from the coffee table or take it out of the bookshelf to have a look.

Within the photobook templates on each page you can caption the photo with where the photo was taken and who you were with at the time. If you were doing a particularly long trip over a few months it might be quite helpful to put dates in so you can remember where you were on your trip when it comes to looking back on your photobooks in the future.

Trial and Error

Enjoy getting creative with the process that is creating travel photobooks, remember to think about what you are trying to achieve through making your photobooks. Everyone is different and everyone has different ideas about how they will want their photobooks to look. I hope that some of the tips above will help you to plan your photobooks to get the best your can out of your photos.
























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