Choosing the best travel photography camera for your needs is something that you will need to have a good think about particularly the TYPE of photos you want to take and how much you want to carry!  There is so much information out there and so many wonderful top quality cameras to choose from.

Personally I’m a big fan of DSLR cameras and I LOVE Canon cameras. I have had two in the past they have always been reliable, taken great photos and are easy to operate. I know a lot of people prefer mirrorless cameras and they are gaining popularity as a good travel camera and also the compact cameras are popular too.


Best Travel Photography Cameras – An Overview …..

I know when I was doing my research into our camera I spent a lot of time looking at all the camera requirements and specifications. I knew at the time that I wanted a camera that would capture images clearly, had a high pixel count and most importantly it fitted with my needs, which was to capture images of my children growing up and also to be used as well for taking photos whilst we were travelling.

There are several types of travel cameras on the market. They are the:

  • DSLR
  • Compact Point and Shoot Cameras
  • Advanced Compact Cameras
  • Mirrorless
  • iPhone

Each type of camera has its own list of benefits. Again, as I said above you really need to consider what is most important to you. Let’s start with the DSLR camera below:


DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Cameras

These type of cameras are most popular among professionals. Not only do they have the automatic button selection Best travel photography cameras - DSLRcontrols for portrait, sports, wildlife etc. But they also can operate fully at manual which allows you to control the light speed and shutter speed yourself.

So it is a well-rounded camera for those people who are not trained in photography, as they have the automatic buttons which does all the work for you, but also professionally wise you can operate the camera with manual controls.




Popular brands that do the best DSLR Cameras in my opinion are:

  • Canon
  • Nikon

Of course there are other brands out there that do good DSLR camera but when I was doing my research and for my needs it was apparent that the Canon and Nikon brands delivered in what I was seeking in a good quality camera.

DSLR cameras are GREAT for sports, wildlife, and other types of action photography as well as travel photography. If you are prepared to carry a bit more gear and have a bigger type of camera then I do recommend the DSLR I have had nothing but stunning photos from mine. Personally, I feel that I would rather take my DSLR and capture amazing shots as the photos I take will be memories I’ll cherish forever and as they say a picture tells 1000 words …….


Compact Digital Cameras (Point & Shoot)

Compact cameras are great there are a lot of great products on the market. These cameras are easy to take travelling Best travel photography cameras - Canon Compactthe weight is minimal and the price of ones of these cameras is quite affordable. Compact cameras are great for having in your backpack or purse as they are discreet and don’t take up a huge amount of room whilst you are travelling.

There are some great cameras out on the market for this type of camera. When I am looking to buy compact cameras I look for the following:

  • Pixel count (how high is it the higher the better)
  • Lens what type of lens and quality of the lens is it
  • Weight
  • Brand

The LENS is IMPORTANT unlike DSLR where you can just switch or remove the lens, with compact cameras you Best-travel-photograBest travel photography cameras - Canon Lensphy-cameras-Canon Lenscan’t do this. So it is imperative that you check out the quality of the lens on the camera and its zoom functions to ensure you are getting the best camera for your needs.

WEIGHT …. it goes without saying that if you are travelling and you have chosen to take a compact camera as your needs were to have a good quality camera without too much gear or for the camera to be too heavy. See if you can get as lightweight as you can without compromising the quality of the camera.

I personally think that BRAND is important especially if their focus is cameras, they know what works, and are specialists in this field.

Compact Digital Cameras are perfect if you don’t want to be hassled with too many controls and you want the least expensive option.


Advanced Compact Digital Cameras

It’s a little like what the title says these cameras are similar to Point and Shoot cameras, but they come with a few more features. They are the high end of compact cameras with built-in lenses.

Advanced Compact Cameras are similar in size to the compact digital cameras they offer full manual mode in addition to auto mode.

It stands to reason that these cameras tend to be slightly more expensive than the regular compact cameras. But they offer a good quality “in between” camera from say the regular compact camera and the DSLR.


Mirrorless Cameras

Best travel photography cameras - Mirrorless 2

So if you were like me, and had no clue what a mirror less camera was until two years ago then look no further. A mirror less camera does not have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder, which is why it is called a mirror less camera. These cameras still operate and have interchangeable lens like a DSLR except it doesn’t have the weight of a DSLR.

These types of cameras are great they are convenient and very small. As I said before they are becoming incredibly popular and it is a great companion camera to the DSLR. Reputable brands that are making Mirrorless cameras are Fuji, Panasonic and Sony.






Yes the iPhone has come a long way. Today camera phones are so advanced the clarity of the images and what it canBest-travel-photography-cameras-Iphone do now is incredible to how it was say 5 years ago. Along with the Apps you can get now to put filters on your photos to enhance and edit your photos to be quite spectacular.

Even though these camera phones can capture great quality photos I still think you get better quality from a DSLR camera, the zoom functions are way better on these cameras than on an IPhone.


These are still great to take away with you as a lightweight always with you option, we all know that photo opportunities can appear when you least expect it so can be guaranteed to get that shot if you have an iPhone with you, I know mine is always on me!!!


Where to Now????

Buying the best travel photography camera for your needs is so important. In my quest to find the camera to suit my needs I also looked at what else I might need my camera for as well to make the best use of my money, I didn’t want to be spending money on a lot of different cameras for different types of photography.

Because I knew I loved photography and wanted to learn more about it I opted for a DSLR camera. I knew it would serve my immediate needs of taking a photo by using the automatic options, but I also knew that further down the track I could learn how to use the manual functions of the camera to enhance my photography.

I also wanted my camera not only for travel photography but also for taking photos of my children to send to their grandparents overseas, so I wanted a good quality to camera to capture the boys growing up. The DSLR suited my needs and what I desired in a camera.

However, your needs maybe DIFFERENT to mine and hence this post it will give you some options to look into and food for thought, it really is down to personal preference and what needs you have in your life that will determine which is the best travel photography camera for you.

Good luck, research, don’t rush it and make sure you test the cameras out before you buy…..










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